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AquaMaker is a powerful, fast-acting water conditioner. It makes aggressive tap water immediately ready for use in all freshwater and saltwater aquariums. AquaMaker is also suitable for reef aquariums and ponds. It is also absolutely safe for all fish, plants, corals, shrimp, snails and the biological filter.

AquaMaker is very versatile:

Removes chlorine
Removes chloramine
Removes heavy metals such as copper, zinc and lead
Binds and detoxifies toxic ammonia
Binds and neutralizes nitrite
Binds and neutralizes nitrate
De-stress fishing
Protects the mucous membrane and gills of fish

AquaMaker does not affect pH, KH or GH. In a saltwater aquarium it will not make the skimmer overactive.

AquaMaker is best added to the tap water used during the water change. Then only use the dosage for the volume of this new tap water. In this way, aggressive substances are immediately neutralized.

AquaMaker can of course also be dosed directly to the aquarium. Then base the dosage on the total volume of the aquarium water.

The normal dosage is 10 ml per 50 liters of aquarium water. Shake before use. The product may have a sulfur odor.
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